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What is a Notice of Disassociation?

Can you tell me what a notice of disassociation is and how to get one?

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Notice of Disassociation

If you are in a position where a friend or family members finances may be affecting your own because you have been linked by association by the credit reference agencies, then you should do something about it as soon as you can. The process of separating your finances from someone else’s is referred to as Notice of Disassociation.

Common reasons to be associated are:

  • The bank accounts are in joint names and so therefore are entries onto a credit file. Association of bank accounts can even happy after a divorce or separation
  • Shared surnames with the same address or postcode can also cause an issue, even if the information is a few years old

2 stages to ensuring you get a Notice of Disassociation

  1. Find out whether there is an issue by contacting the credit reference agencies and getting a copy of your file
  2. If there is an issue, write a letter explaining that your finance are separate, and nothing is shared between you. Provide evidence where you can e.g. letter from the bank or mortgage company



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