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unknown ccj on my property

I have discovered a ccj on my joint home from my ex husbands personal debt of which I was not aware, of as we are divorcing in the settlement he is signing his share of the house over to me . firstly can the ccj be put on a joint property without my concent and secondly will I have to pay it even tho my husband won t own any shares

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Re: unknown ccj on my property

You may need to seek legal advice about the divorce and any transfer of property rather than debt advice. If your ex husband had a debt and it was secured against the property then it will only be removed when the debt outstanding has been paid. If the debt is not in your name then you are not forced to pay it but you will not be able to own the share of the property that is already secured by this debt. If you go through this with the solicitor dealing with property and divorce they will be able to look at the legal documents and advise you on possibilities from there.

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