Jessica Bown

Jessica Bown is an award-winning financial journalist, columnist and editor. After starting her career in 2000 at the Daily Express, she spent two years on The Sunday Times before going freelance in 2006. She now writes for a range of publications, including the Daily Telegraph and AOL Money as well as TalkAboutDebt.

Thomas Kiddle

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Sarah Sperring

I'm a proud mum who has experienced people close to me with debt problems and as a result have a steely determination to help others to overcome their own personal debt issues. Some say that persistence is my middle name! I certainly have an uncanny ability to get things done. When I'm not working on TalkaboutDebt I'm running around after my beautiful toddler daughter, oh and looking out for my two teenage step kids and husband too. I loved school and my wish is that all school kids are given a sound financial education to help them to avoid money worries later in life


About me: I have 6 years experience of helping people who are struggling with their debts. I started work within the commercial debt advice industry and have now moved into the charity advice sector. I enjoy helping people find a solution to their debt problems. Many of the people I speak to think that bankruptcy is their only option and it is nice to be able to offer them a less drastic solution that still gives them control over their assets and finances.


I recently moved to the Debt Advice Foundation following several years experience within the financial services/remortgage industry and rapidly discovered how complex debt advice can be The Debt Advice Foundation has recently become a member of Advice UK and has helped advise and educate many people about their individual debt problem over the past few years; you may have read about us in the media recently. I am now registered as a member of the Institute of Money Advisers and am happy to be able to use my knowledge to help anyone who feels that they are stuck in the middle of a lot of information and not quite sure which way to turn, or even which information is correct. One of the main reasons I enjoy working at the Debt Advice Foundation is that I am able to advise many people who are genuinely struggling with their finances. It is comforting to know that I actually make a difference when helping them to find a solution.



Following a variety of different roles for 3 of the largest commercial debt solution companies in the UK, I decided to put my knowledge and experience to good use in the charitable sector in order to give totally free, ethical debt advice to people who may not know where else to turn.


Having worked for a number of years as a Debt Advisor in fee charging companies, I decided to make the move across to the charitable sector as I could no longer justify to myself that people should have to pay to access the support and advice I believe they should be entitled to. It was then that I joined the Debt Advice Foundation, a registered debt advice charity that is governed by the same core values that I strongly believe in. I now feel better about my job because I get to do what I love and I know that my advice is in the best interests of the client, not the company's bank balance. I am now using all my industry knowledge to give free, impartial advice and solutions to those who need it.



Our featured debt charity

Debt Advice Foundation

The Debt Advice Foundation offers:

  • Impartial advice
  • Debt solution to best suit your needs
  • Confidential helpline
  • Non-judgemental advice
  • No appointment needed