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I am undischarged bankrupt, where can I get a bank account? Been refused by Barclays.

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Bankruptcy and Bank Account

It’s not easy to get a normal bank account if you have been made bankrupt but some banks often offer basic account with no cheque book, debt card or borrowing facilities. Try contacting the FSA.

Here's a list of banks with their account opening conditions that looks useful as well.

Here's an extract from bankruptcy what you need to know.

Bankruptcy and Bank Accounts
It’s not illegal to get a bank account if you are an undischarged bankrupt or even a discharged bankrupt. The problem is, it’s difficult to find a bank that will do business with you.

Some good advice here is to wait for a couple of months after being made bankrupt so that your new account doesn’t get caught in the regular updates informing banks and building societies of new bankrupts.



Think Banking for bankruptcy bank account solution

I too was refused by barclays due to bankruptcy but have now opened a bank account with 'think banking'. They are really good and run two separate accounts for you, a bills account and a spending account. On your spending account you even get a maestro (SP) card, there is a £25 set up fee, and a £12.50 per month charge, but it is more than worth it. The customer services are fantastic and i couldn't reccommend them highly enough. katy


Re: I am undischarged bankrupt, where can I get a bank ...

Try I got an account with them after a quick telephone call. If you don't have a local branch, like me, you can pay in cheques and cash via the post office.

Re: I am undischarged bankrupt, where can I get a bank ...

You should be able to get a basic account with either Co-op or Barclays quite easily. Both offer a debit card, on-line banking and telephone banking. It's practically impossible to get a savings account whilst BR.

Re: I am undischarged bankrupt, where can I get a bank ...

Hi there I went Bankrupt in Aug last year and opened a Coop Cashminder account as soon as we got back from the court, all paperwork and electron card came through within the week. I also have an Abbey Online Saver account which i send the money over to each month to pay for car tax, mot, ins which helps me to make sure that i dont spend the other money and its there when needed. I have also heard that Tescos will be doing basic current accounts soon but at the moment they do instant access savings accounts which now they are not in with RBS they may allow you an account as RBS wont take any undischarged bankrupts. Hope this helps.

Re: I am undischarged bankrupt, where can I get a bank ...

i am also in undischarged bankruptcy and have now been trying for nearly a year to get a bank account i've tried barcalys which was along and painful process took about 3 months for them to decide not to give me one, i've also tried abbey, halifax, natwest and no luck with none of them. it makes me laugh because we declare ourselves bankrupt or get declared bankrupt because we dont have the funds to pay for our debts but the banks decide that because we've admitted to our problems with debt that we're not allowed to get easy access to the money that we earn and work hard for especially and this hard time during the recession. give us a break please

Re: Bankruptcy and Bank Account

I am at present an undischarged Bankrupt and found opening a Basic Bank Account with the Co-Op simplicity itself. I called them on 0845 212 212 and opened the account over the phone within minutes. You get a debit card that can be used in all atms,The Post Office,And if you live local to one of the Branches of the Co-Op. you can also use for purchases over the internet and in shops & stores, the only thing you dont get is an overdraught,and cheque book. I personally reccomend them. Hope this helps.

Bank Accounts For Bankrupts

Please sign the petition to make a bank account a legal right for bankrupts. Thank you:

Re: I am undischarged bankrupt, where can I get a bank ...

i am a discharged bankrupt,my wife offered the trustee £5000.00 and they accepted the amount ive got a certificate to say all monies paid,and i still can't get a bank account guys hows this system run,can anyone tell me,3 years of hell and nealy lost my home,but cant get a bloody bank account.

Re: I am undischarged bankrupt, where can I get a bank ...

I was in the same situation and decided to just go offshore. I got an account at International Monetary Group with no problem. It's a bit pricey, but well worth it in my opinion as their accounts are multi-currency, which is a great benefit for me as I receive income in different currencies. Here's the link if interested: Hope this helps.

Re: I am undischarged bankrupt, where can I get a bank ...

Basic bank accounts are intended to provide basic banking facilities which include: Receiving your wages or benefits Setting up direct debits and standing orders Withdrawing money Debit card (not all banks offer a debt card) You will have no credit facilities and you will not be able to use a cheque book. You may have access to telephone and internet banking. Before applying for a basic bank account it is a good idea to check your credit report for accuracy. There are things that can look worse than bankruptcy. You wouldn't want a silly mistake ruining your chances of obtaining one of the few accounts available to you. Try Experian or Equifax for a free report. Barclays Cash Card account may be worth trying to apply for.

Re: I am undischarged bankrupt, where can I get a bank ...

Co-op do offer you a basic savings account. I am a discharged bankrupt who has one. You can start it as little as £1 per month and you need to have an account with them, you will only get a Cashminder one but it is good enough as you get a Visa debit card and the Customer Service is friendly and non-judgmental. You also get money off vouchers for co-op stores if you keep your account in credit. Good luck and I hope you get yourself back on track.

Re: I am undischarged bankrupt, where can I get a bank ...

where can a discharged bankrupt get a bank account?

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