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When do bailiffs get bought in?

I have been charged for an advert that I never agreeded to the way the company said would happen. The company have now passed it on and I am now at the stage of letters going backwards and forwards between us. If an agreement can't be met do they have to take me to court to get the money or can they just send the bailiffs round to collect belongs to the ammount owed?

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Re: When do bailiffs get bought in?

Firstly, the company chasing for money would need to apply to the court and prove you owed the money and get a judgement against you. You will have the chance at this stage to put your side across in court and show that you do not owe the money. If they were able to prove the debt and the court agreed, you would need to make an arrangement to pay the amount owed. If after this you still could not/did not pay, then bailiffs will be called in to seize goods up to the value of the debt.

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