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I rent a room to a friend. If bailiffs come to the house for his debts what should I do?

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Re: I rent a room to a friend. If bailiffs come to the house ...

When a bailiff goes to a property they have a document naming the person who they need to locate and recover money from. The only items available to be taken into control are things belonging to the person named on the enforcement notice. You can deny access to your home for the vast majority of enforcement agents and if they do have permission to enter they will be able to show you documents and identity to prove that this is the case. You may need to provide information to the enforcement agent to prove that you are not the person named on their documents and proof that it is your property. You could also provide an inventory, a copy of any lodging agreement, or a statutory declaration. You may need to take legal advice on preparing these to prove the items in your home that belong to you and the items that belong to the lodger.

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