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I have debt and bailiffs are going to my mums adress can they take goods?

I've had an enforcement letter sent to my mums adress for a start I don't even know what it is for, but more importantly I no longer live at her adress I was staying with my partner until recently when we split up, I'm now staying with some friends but have no fixed adress, can goods be removed from my mum's house?

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Re: I have debt and bailiffs are going to my mums adress can ...

Enforcement agents can be used to collect for a variety of reasons and the powers of enforcement can differ depending on the type of collection activity. There are a few occasions where it is possible for a bailiff to use reasonable force to enter a property but without knowing what they are attending for it would not be possible to advise on what they may be able to do when they arrive. At this stage the court documents state that you, and therefore your goods, will be found at your Mum’s address. Contacting the enforcement agents to find out what this is for would be better done as soon as possible. If you can provide them with details of your current situation and living arrangements they may have no need to call at your Mums address. If enforcement agents to arrive to collect a debt in your name then she will have to identify to them that you no longer live at the address. They cannot take your Mum’s property to settle the court order in your name.

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