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can council tax bailiff take my belongings for my partners debt?

my partner is in debt with council tax from her old house but i own everything in this house but the house is in her name can they take my stuff for her debt?

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Re: can council tax bailiff take my belongings for my ...

The correct answer should be no but bailiffs are a law unto themselves and will not usually accept any explanation. There is another on question here about a bailiff who clamped a partner's car for the poster's debt. The crunch is that bailiffs are expensive and will add large fees to the debt, they don't actually want to seize goods, they want to add large fees and collect money and they have the power of the court behind them, If they get into your property they will list all the goods they can see but will give you time to prove they are yours. You must get your partner to contact the council and try to pay the council tax directly, Failing that, pay the bailiff before they come out to you. Council Tax is a priority debt and you must get it paid before you tackle other debts. This question was answered by Debt Advice Foundation, an independent UK debt advice charity. If you need further help, Debt Advice Foundation provides a free, confidential helpline and can advise you. Click here to find out more.

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