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can the baliffs bring police to help force entry?

my mother seems to be in quite a bit of debt, and we keep recieving letters from baliffs saying they are going to take further action to remove our goods from our property. can they bring police force with them to help gain access and remove things, also some of the things i have are borrowed from my friends and are not mine so can they still cant them?

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Bailiff and Forced Entry

A bailiff can not force their way into your house and it is unlikely that they would bring the Police with them. Here's some more useful information on Bailiffs you may want to read- What you need to know about Bailiffs (

Re: can the baliffs bring police to help force entry?

Bailiffs have no rights of entry into your property unless you invite them in. Once you have invited them in, they can return at anytime to check that the items that they have levied on are still in your property. Bailiffs cannot levy on goods that they see through the letterbox or through glazed windows.


Re: can the baliffs bring police to help force entry?

No good will be taken if you do not let the Bailiff in. The debt must be reorganised with the court and this can be done quite easily with a court form. The court will only ask her to pay what she can afford at this point and if she pays regularly no further action will be taken.


Re: can the baliffs bring police to help force entry?

Bailiffs will only bring the police if they believe there will be a breach of the peace - for example if the debtor has threatened them. The police will not play an active part in the bailiff visit.

baliff removal of goods

i have had a visit from the baliffs today,we owe for council tax was paying £150 a month back to them but a debt management plan has taken over saying they could help,they are now saying they might not be able to as we have a levy which is a signed agreement to say baliffs can take goods.we no longer have thes goods as to be honest it was old couch and sideboard which have both seen better days and are no at the tip.what can we do ,im already on tablets because of all this



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Re: can the baliffs bring police to help force entry?

Yes they can for Hmcts warrants

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