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Can a baliff take my car?

The amount owing is for a CCJ -not tax or council tax- the baliff has already said I have nothing worth taking to cover the amount owing. Unfortunately, I agreed an amount but came out of work within the week and was unable to pay it in the lump sum offered. I have made this person an offer by borrowing most of the amount but he wants the baliff to take my car for the last £400. I need my car to work or to find work as I am self empoyed and the places I work in will be anywhere in the UK and I have to go at amoments notice. Can the baliff take my car? He has seen it and taken note of the registration so would he have to see it again to put a levy on it ? There is no HP outstanding and my wifes car is worth about £50. Thank you.

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Re: Can a baliff take my car?

If you need your car for work then the bailiff cannot levy it. Please seek further free money advice.

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