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can bailiffs take my goods, i am married to someone who has a removal notice against them?

I have had a visit from Marston collecting on a fine because my husband didnt inform the DVLA that he had sold his car, I told the bailiffs that the debt was not mine and the house and all its contents belonged to me. They asked to see proof (receipts etc) and asked to come in. They told me because I was married that i was also responible for the fine and had to pay £550 or they would take my goods to be sold. They told me the Police were on there way, as you can imagine this caused me great distress as I didnt have my bank card on me, they refused to take a cheque, so I had to ask my son to pay it with his visa card, which he did. I have now received letters for unpaid parking fines in my husbands name and worried the same thing is going to happen all over again. Do I have to let bailiff in and can they take my goods even if I have receipts for them and the fines are not in my name.

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Re: can bailiffs take my goods, i am married to someone who ...

You are not liable for any fines or associated debt that your husband has accrued. As you are not liable for the debt the bailiff cannot seize any goods belonging to you. However the onus is on you to be able to prove this, i.e. by providing receipts etc. Please seek debt advice urgently, so that you can establish more about the nature of the debts and the type of bailiff involved. See 'Leading Debt Advisors' on the homepage for free advice.

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