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Can bailiffs take items!

I have a few items that were left to me from my parents, ie clock and a couple of pictures been in the family for years, can they take them dont know what they are worth but they are priceless to me and will pass on to next of kin when I go! Also if you say they can climb over fences what happens reference my dog that has access through a dog flap and would definately go out to them would they harm him if he got in there way. HFO services are threatening me reference a £227.42 bill from several years ago. which should have been paid by my daughters father and I thought had been paid relating to mobile phone bill 3, sadly in my name. but was for my daughter who sadly caused the debt. I am unable to pay this and really do not agree with it. Any advice would be more than grateful!

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Re: Can bailiffs take items!

Bailiffs don't normally take items of furniture. If the items were not is the house it would be impossible to know about them and difficult to take.

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