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Can the bailiff take things that are not mine?

I don't own all the things in my flat. The TV is my sisters, the microwave my mums. Can the bailiffs take them?

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Can the bailiff take things that are not mine?

The rules as to what a bailiff can a take are complicated. A general rule of thumb is a Bailiff can only take things that belong to the person that owes the money. If you own things jointly with a friend or family member, they can still take them but must pay half of what is raised from their sale to the person who owns their share.


Re: Can the bailiff take things that are not mine?

If you let a Bailiff into your house(invite him/her in) then a Bailiff can levy on most items apart from your basic needs ie, table,chairs for the table,cooker,and other items considered as domestic etc, but the onus is on you to prove that items belong to others.

A Bailiff will usually place a Walking Possession Order on the Goods where you agree to look after the goods on behalf of the Bailiff for a set period of time until you come up with the payment or agree to payment terms.

Best advice is not to invite the Bailiff into your property, if he/she forces their way in then it is considered Wrongfull Distress and the Bailiff will have to pay you double damages.


Re: Can the bailiff take things that are not mine?

A bailiff cannot take items that do not belong to you but you must show some sort of proof for example if you have a car that isnt yours you can show them the log book or insurance certificate. as for goods im not to sure what sort of proof you can show them but generally just dont let them in. a bailiff cannot force their way past you or intimidate you in any way so dont be afraid of them give as good as you get educate yourself on your rights. if a bailiff seizes goods that arent yours tell them immeadiately they are not yours and ask what sort of proof they require.


Re: Can the bailiff take things that are not mine?

a bailiff has made a levy on goods outside my old address which dont belong to me and charged a levy fee and then went back to the same address that i dont live at and charged an attendance fee. is this correct. at the time of the pcn i was living at the address. it was for a parking fine. he is coming back tomorrow please help me asap ANSWER:

Bailiffs cannot take somebody else’s goods to pay for your debt and if they have applied charges for anything that you feel is incorrect then the first thing to do is contact them and make a complaint. If you are unhappy with the response to the complaint then you can escalate the complaint to the bailiffs trade or professional body.

In the meantime bailiffs will continue to call at the address that they believe you live and keep your goods. You will need to come to some method of dealing with this debt, whether this is to arrange payments over a period of time, or by disputing the debt. Contact a debt adviser and discuss in more detail to see what is possible.


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re:what is the least amount i can pay to ballifs in scotland for

what is the least amount i have to pay against a debt in scotland


The answer to this is not really a fixed amount, it is the amount that you can realistically afford to pay. You cannot offer more money than actually exists. Putting together a list of your income, taking away your daily living costs will show how much you can afford to pay. Listing this debt and any other debts that you have may allow you to arrive at a reasonable offer of payment that is acceptable to the bailiff. It would be a good idea to contact a debt adviser to look at this for you as different options for dealing with your debts may be identified.  


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Re: Can the bailiff take things that are not mine?

moved out of rented property 3yrs ago after i moved in with my son whos name was also on the lease i was going through a divorce from his mum he told her i was away and she came round with friends and took everything police came looked round and sat me down and said what they think happend so i told my son as ive paid rent food and all bills i am moving on and he can pay the rent etc i moved 60 miles away in lodgings after 3yrs found a new woman in my life and told her about things took a place on in my name and bailiff has called saying he wants the money as my son never paid or take things



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Re: Can the bailiff take things that are not mine?

my bf is about to go bankrupt.
How long does a bankruptcy last?


Re: Can the bailiff take things that are not mine?

am i able to sell all my goods to a friend to raise money ,who then will allow me to use all the goods until i pay the money back?will this prevent a bailiff from being able to seize the goods as i no longer own them ,even though i have possession of them?


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