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Can a bailiff take possession of my belongings even though the warrant is for the last owner

We have received Bailiff notices through my post saying that one of the previous occupants of the house has traffic debts and they wish to impound the vehicle. We have contacted the bailiff in charge to tell them the person no longer lives here, but we keep receiving them and now it's the final notice. My family and I are worried about whether the bailiff is allowed to force entry and take goods from our house, even though we aren't the ones who owe the debt.

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Re: Can a bailiff take possession of my belongings even ...

You are not liable for this debt and therefore the bailiff cannot levy any goods belonging to you. It may be beneficial to write to the bailiff company and also potentially the local council within whose borough the traffic offences occurred and make them aware that the debtor no longer lives at that address. Please be aware that the bailiff cannot force entry with respect to this type of debt and you should not let them into the property.

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