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How do I get in touch with Reliable Collections/

What happens to my house if i enter into an IVA? Thanks

can a ccj of 7000 go against my house will I have to sell it.

can i get a car on a lease deal while i am involved in an IVA

how to deal with a debt agency, who keep calling for money we do not owe

Marston agency keep turning up at my elderly parents house and knocking on neighbours doors after an unpaid fine of my brother, they are estranged from him and he has not been living there for over 20 years and they have not seen him for about 10 years but he has been using their address on his driving licence etc, the collectors will not listen to what they are saying and insist they will be back

Can the equity be taken if ive brought the beneficial interest after Bankruptcy

My husband was made bankrupt in 2010 after which i brought his beneficial interest in our house, and he was discharged from bankruptcy in 2011.We are now looking to sell our house but i want to be sure that noone that my husband owed in his bankruptcy can take any of the equity.

my sister was made bankrupt in sep 2009 just before we lost our mum.

my twin sister went bankrupt in 2009, Nov 2009 in front of all sisters and executors ,mum was concerned if anything should happen to her my sisters bankruptcy would take any inheritance ( mum must have known she was dying) the week after mum was rushed into hospital unsuspected ovarian cancer ,she didn't come out mum died over 2wks later!


I am in aa lot of debt. Currently I a joint debt management plan with partner paying my creditors 5 pound a month. My partner only has a small amount of debt . He has decided he would prefer to separate our finances as he would be able to clear his debt on a quicker period. This would leave mme as a housewife with the option of pound token payments or bankruptcy.

My partner declared himself bankrupt before we got together 3 years ago.

He has ccj against him at his ex marital home which was also repossessed due to non payment.
Also on top of all this he has since been arrested for fraud and dismissed from his work place. He has served his community service and is on 18 months probation.
...the question I want to ask is this...
He wants to move in my house which I am buying.

How can I find out when my D,R.O has ended

Already have an IVA but just got a CCJ. What can I do?

I have an IVA since June 2013 and make all payments on time. Not included in this is a housing benefit overpayment which I had been paying off. I missed payments this year on the latter although have made my most recent payment.

This Question about Personal and address credit affection.

I am a home honour and i have some tenant who paying me bills and rent every month. Last month a family who was my tenant they leave my house and went back home, they had lot of debts and before going they didn't pay off there debts.

Can my ex's debt affect me?

My ex has £12000 tax debt. With no legal financial settlement, are my assets at risk 5 years divorced? We both agreed to transferring the deeds of the house over to me and me remortgaging the house to pay him off the sum we agreed on. We also decided to leave out pensions in the financial split.

Wife's IVA, can I refuse to provide my private details e.g my salary?

My wife is in an IVA which started before we got married. I am being requested to provide evidence of my income. I am not happy to do this as the IVA has nothing to do with me, even my wife does not know what I earn. We do all the shopping etc together and she never asks. She has filled in her income and expenditure and put down that she contributes much less than 50% of the household bills.

Debt in germany: i AM no longer living there so should i pay?

I havê debt in germany after receiving self employment benefits for the months when i got paid less than around 700 euros. The debt is because i didnt send my paperwork in in time. I havê since left germany and the debt went to debtcollectors. I started paying a small sum every month to stop them taking anything from old housemates.

My house is £40,000 in negative equity, what happens if my ex partner goes bankrupt?

My house is in negative equity of £40,000 and the mortgage is in joint names. There are joint debts in excess of £45,000. I have a pension to the value of £80,000. If my partner goes bankrupt will I lose my house and my pension?

Ex Partner Bankruptcy how does this affect me?

My ex partner is talking about declaring himself bankrupt, we own a house jointly together and I wondered how this might affect me and my credit rating if he did. He doesn't live in the property currently, and I am in the process of trying to secure a mortgage to buy him out. If he does declare himself bankrupt does that mean my chances of getting a mortgage
will be affected??

I have in hesitance but declared bankrupt. What will happen?

I am due to inherit some money as my Brother passed away in February 2014. I declared Bankrupt in April 2011 & was discharged from this in April 2012. I have a certificate of discharge as I needed this to open a bank account.