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I'v just found I have CCJ's but have not been chased for any money, are they real?

I recently had a car insurance policy cancelled because I did not declare two County Court Judgements against me. I was not aware I had any until that moment. The fact I wasn't actually asked if I had any in the policy quote form is beside the point and I shall not go in to that here, suffice to say; Google Quote and Flux Direct are not recommended by me..

Can I lose my residence?

I have debts totaling about £20000 and live in my parents house. Both of my parents are deceased, father in 1999 and mother in 2011 so the property is officially still in my mother's name, none of the debts relate to them in any way and were unsecured loans.

how to stop debt collectors for someone else's debt

My eldery mother has lived in her council flat in West Lothian for 19 years and recently she has started receiving letters addressed to the previous tenants from a messenger-at-arms demanding payment of council tax arrears from 1994 She has returned a few letters stating not known at this address but the letters keep coming and threaten bailiffs. What can she do about this?

Iv lost my n9a form. Can I get another copy

What happens to my husbands half of the house if he goes bankrupt?

My husband is considering going bankrupt. All of the debt is in his name so I am not worried. However we do have a joint mortgage. I have enough money put away in my own bank to buy his half of the equity but my question is what happens to his half of the mortgage that is outstanding?

am i still liable for a debt as personal guarantor with the company in liquidation?

i am a personal guarantor in a finance agreement dated 2006 for photographic lab equipment. i was an employee at the time with my stepdad as sole director of the limited company. i was not advised by PCF of the obligations of a personal guarantor. He went personally bankrupt in about 2008 and left the business.

An item bought 18 months ago is now being chased for payment

Hi I bought some blinds for my new house 18 months ago and paid by credit card ,, but after 18 months the company are now chasing me for the money as for some unknown reason to me It didn't go through and I never noticed , so what can i do to resolve this besides paying for it ???

Ex partner fraud

My ex partner has ordered goods in my name through a catalogue. I have known nothing about this until a collection agencies letter landed on my doorstep. Phoned them up and they are investigating. called the police who are not remotely interested but surely this is fraud?

can a bailiff palace a possession order on your goods if

can a bailiff palace a possession order on your goods if the amount he is asking for is incorrect

Canceling a IVA

I am currently in my 4th term of a IVA and knowing that not all depts after the term are paid off I am eager to pay them off with a pension release.

Being a LTD company would i loose my vehicle if i go bankrupt.

Hello I am Managing director of a LTD company since 2007 here in the UK i recently got a new vehicle on finance for 23k and paid the VAT on it at time of purchase ive only made 3 monthly payments so far, but shortly after i got the vehicle my company has taken a turn for the worse with various changes in the industry i am in and i fear i may go bankrupt.

Charge on a property

Advice needed, how easy is it for my soon to be ex husband to put a charge on my property? Long story short we've been married for 4 and a half years. When we met he had nothing and I had a property mortgage free paid for by inheritance from my parents.

If I stopped paying in to a I V A, can the Iva company take me to court.

If I stopped paying in to a arranged Iva apart from the creditors chasing me can the Iva company who set up my contract take me to court.

How do I deal with a CCJ against my former wife on my House.?

I have Discover a CCJ against my wife on the House we lived in back in 2012. We left the House January 2012 the CCJ is about December 2012. Friends live in the House. my Wife only owns 20%. Which is less than the Debt. Can I be made to pay for my former Wifes CCJ.

How will my partners bankrucy affect me?

My partner has been living with me for 6 months and as decided to go bankrupt. I slightly worried about my tenancy agreement and my landlord finding out. I have an assured short hold tenancy agreement and the agreement is in my name only. How will the OR deal with this?


My son has moved to Colombia now for 8 months after living with me all his life. I have been paying £20 each month for him overa long period of time to pay off a £5000 loan he got a few years agofrom Lloyds bank. I now want to stop paying this for as I am a pensioner and can longer afford to do this. can balifs be sent to my home for my sons debt-he no longer lives in the country.Although h

they are threatening my parents with repossession an I don't live there any more

I don't live at home with my parents anymore an haven't lived in the country since 2005 but the tax man seems to think I owe him money, they are now threatening my parents with enforcement agencies.

Can MARSTONS take my stuff because of a x boyfriend court fines...?????

Hi,I received a letter on Saturday for a x boyfriend off marstons bailiff group stating that they will be out to my house in 14 days to get the £1000 that he owes for a court fine or remove my goods i must state my x has never lived at my address and he has never been on my tenancy agreement.I've been to the welfare rights today and the lady told me not to worry and she photocopied my proof that i

My son does not live at my address but uses it as a postal address

My son has aquire a court fine and a baliff has called at my house I have told him he doesn't live there so after I shut the door he threw a letter onto the floor which I found some hrs later when I rang him to complain about his conduct he put the phone down on me, I wrote a letter of complaint to equita who he represents, they have come back to me saying I need to prove he doesn't live there, su