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Is agent responsible for customer debts?

After customers fsulted on payments catalogue is now expecting sgent to settle these debts. Items wrre bought in customer name bu debt notice addressed c/ agents address, agent asked catalogue for list of debyors so as yo provide them with customer addresses, no list received , now debt in hands of national debt recovery who ar pushing agent for payment & increase

Can my civil partner make a full and final payment on my behalf?

I have received a letter letting me know that my IVA may fail as I cannot make my repayments on JSA. Obviously as I am in the final year of my IVA, I don't want this to happen. My partner and I got married (civil partnership) in January this year and the IVA started 3 years before we met, so is not her debt in any way. Can she offer to pay a full and final payment?

Bankrupcy with house in equity releaseA

I have taken out equity release against my property. mowing to a business failure I may have to seek bankrupcy. What is situation regarding the house (which is our home)?.

im currently filling out the statement of affairs forms to go bankrupt

im currently filling out the statement of affairs forms to go bankrupt and I stuck on section 6.7 (how much do other members of your household contribute each month to the household expenses? is this what my partner earns after tax or is this what she puts towards the bills, food,etc

I need to go bankrupt

Iv just moved in with my partner and he owns his own house and I need to go bankrupt but will they take his house in to account

Will I loose my home if it's in my name and my husband is made bankrupt?

My husband is considering going bankrupt as a property development hasn't worked out. Even if the project was finished and sold there would still be thousands owing to the bank. Would we lose our home if it's in my name and have made all the mortagae payments?

Can I apply for a notice of disassociation without any detriment to me?

My ex partner and I took out a joint loans on 2 vehicles which he now has, the money should have been for home improvements therefore the loan companies do not know that vehicles were purchased . Although the direct debit payments are taken from his account obviously we are both liable for the repayments.


i am thinking of going bankrupt,and i have a house that has been signed over to me and my two brothers but it will not be ours until our parents pass ,what will happen to this if i go bankrupt

Can the bailiffs take away my sofa and matress if they not in my name?

If I cancel a direct debit in my ex husbands name out of my bank account for a sofa and a mattress. Can they come into my home if I have children and take them away

applying for bank account

had a halifax switch account over 10 years ago,owed money in this account and i have never payed themoney back in this account, they closed the account down,could i apply again now for a new account with halfax there is nothing on my credit file.

How do I get in touch with Reliable Collections/

What happens to my house if i enter into an IVA? Thanks

can a ccj of 7000 go against my house will I have to sell it.

can i get a car on a lease deal while i am involved in an IVA

how to deal with a debt agency, who keep calling for money we do not owe

Marston agency keep turning up at my elderly parents house and knocking on neighbours doors after an unpaid fine of my brother, they are estranged from him and he has not been living there for over 20 years and they have not seen him for about 10 years but he has been using their address on his driving licence etc, the collectors will not listen to what they are saying and insist they will be back

Can the equity be taken if ive brought the beneficial interest after Bankruptcy

My husband was made bankrupt in 2010 after which i brought his beneficial interest in our house, and he was discharged from bankruptcy in 2011.We are now looking to sell our house but i want to be sure that noone that my husband owed in his bankruptcy can take any of the equity.

my sister was made bankrupt in sep 2009 just before we lost our mum.

my twin sister went bankrupt in 2009, Nov 2009 in front of all sisters and executors ,mum was concerned if anything should happen to her my sisters bankruptcy would take any inheritance ( mum must have known she was dying) the week after mum was rushed into hospital unsuspected ovarian cancer ,she didn't come out mum died over 2wks later!