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My husband set up as a sole trader

My husband set up as a sole trader but the bank opened the business account in my name, my husbands accountant and solicitor advised the bank that the account had been set up incorrectly and to chnge the account to reflect this, the bank refused and I was made responsible for all the debt to the bank even though I was not trading, can they do this?

Bankrupt,will I be liable for joint mortgage on property in negative equity, not repossess

Hi there, I would like to know if I file for bankruptcy can I still be made liable for a mortgage on a property that is jointly owned by myself and my ex-husband that is in negative equity and is not being repossessed or sold? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Money in Spanish Account

When the OR looks at my affairs after Bankruptcy will they be able to cease funds in a Spanish Bank Account


council tax

Hi was born in the house i bought from my dad back in 1987,when the council tax came out in 1993 the bill was in my mothers name and has always been up to now, but i have had to move my mother and me into rented accomodation to suit her needs and i am her named carer,i have put the house up for sale and accepted an offer,i contacted the council to let them know and asked for a new council tax bill

Husband has been declared bankrupt will I lose the house?

Will my ex-wife have issue with her property due to my Bankruptcy

I'm about to petition for Bankruptcy but concerned for my ex-wife's property. We divorced 10 years ago and had a financial Break Order at time detailing maintenance etc. She then purchased a new home, 100% mortgage, she could not get a mortgage on her own so we did joint mortgage so she could buy.

19 mths left on iva, in mid fifties now worried we too old to remorgage

how are court costs recovered?

I am self employed but don't have any income from this. I receive 3 types of benefit. I have no expendable income. can this debt be added to my rent account and made into rent arrears? I live in a corrupt housing association. can they take out a high court writ and evict me from my property because I owe this debt for court costs to my housing provider?

IVA change of circumstances question

I am 15 months into a 5 year IVA. I am single and privately rent a flat. I have just been informed by my landlord that they want to sell the property and I will have to leave in the new year. Because of my poor credit rating and lack of savings I will find it nigh on impossible to rent another place.

Can I apply for DRO when I own a property abroad?

Me and my husband are currently selling our home to then buy a house in estonia. We are planning to move there and start our own business. I have personal unsecured debts of about 20k. Can I apply for an Iva or dro after the house in UK has been sold and the outstanding mortgage paid off? Thanks in advance

Protected trust deed and property facing repossession

I entered a protected trust deed over a year ago. Due to separation I am no longer able to pay the joint mortgaged I have with my ex partner. The property is likely to be reprocessed what will happen with the short fall as I'm in a protected trust deed and he is not?

Can a baliff enter my house, which is in my name for my boyfriends debt (he lives with me)

My boyfriend lives with me and is in debt, at some point I feel baliffs may turn up. I own the house, and everything in it. I do not have receipts for everything as they are goods I have I have had for a long time. ie tvs, laptop , prior to my boyfriend moving in with me. So if they turn up can they access my house? Can I say I own the propertyand not allow them access.

Hi. Could you tell me if a ccj can be sent to my workplace

What happens if I can no longer afford my IVA due to employment change?

I have had my IVA now for three years and I am now on a lower income therefore finding difficulty is making repayments at the current rate.


i have taken the loan out for my need i was paying for 3 months. suddenly i have to leave to my native country that means i have to give up my job and take children with me for 6 months. i want to apply for bankruptcy as i won't be able to pay in full. i am living in my ex husbands house for 8 years which he is paying the mortgage as its not joint mortgage.

If my hoyse is repossessed will I have to go bankrupt

My husband recently went bankrupt but we can not afford to pay for our house, the boiler has just blown and we cant afford to replace it, does anyone know what my options are for handing the house over to mortgage company etc, will i have to go bankrupt?

Bankruptcy 2nd Time around when I have purchased beneficial interest in 2006

My husband went bankrupt in 2006 when our property was worth £249k (not sure how much was on the mortgage then) and I purchased his beneficial interest. The Deed of Trust says a value of £125k.... Due to a massive VAT inspection of my husbands business he owes HMRC £50k and is trying to arrange an IVA with them.

How can I find out if there is a charge on this property ?

I was under the impression that there was a charge on my father's property which I have now inherited, however, I have just obtained a copy of the title deeds from land registry and there is no mention of this charge on the deeds.

I have a DRO can they find out if I'm working if I don't tell them?

My friend has been separated from her husband for 16 months.

My friend has been separated from her husband for 16 months. Due to psychological abuse she was forced to leave the matrimonial home as her husband would not. For the last 16 months, although the home is bought and paid for, she has had to pay rent and C/tax in a private let. He states he is not leaving, he has no money to buy her out nor does she him. what can she do?