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I owe money on my car finance. Can they take my house or things that belong in my house?

I owe money on my car finance. It is owned by the finance company (obviously until I pay the balance) they defaulted my account over 5 years ago. 6 years in may 16.

Bailiff came round person no longer here

Had a bailiff round this morning asking if a person lives here who left about 6 months ago, didn't say what it was about. I told them he was here for a little while then left he asked for my name and said he needed it to get it taken away from this address what happens now? Where do I stand? I'm very worried .

My partner is about to be made bankrupt can they touch anything in my house

i own my house and its contents but I'm worried if he is staying with me can they touch any of my belongings

Sell my share of house

I'm living at the moment in a house we both own but we are divorced and we can't sell the house I can't go on much more living in the same house could I sell my half of the house to someone else cause I can't afford to move out and need money to sort out another house

Wifes's assets

I am buying a family home outright with cash (£210k). My wife will be contributing half the value over time (£3k per month). To date we have kept our assets separate (she has equity in a home she owns herself).

If a friend lends me £2,000 and i pay back regular amounts , does this effect my DRO?

How much could they lend me if not? Thank you x

notice of attendance left for someone who does not live here

i got up this morning at 7.30 to find a notice of attendance letter addressed to my partner had been posted through my letterbox-my partner does not live here, the mortgage is in my name, he has notified the company he owes the debt to that he doesnt live here and has notified the bailiffs also-what can i do to stop them from sending letters/turning up?

Bankrupt abroad, UK Credit Ratings?

If i was made bankrupt in New Zealand will this effect my UK credit rating? I have been living in the UK for three years now.

I have a charge on my property, but the company has now liquidated.

I was involved in a company 10 years ago, the company Waverley vintners has now gone into liquidation. The debt was paid, but the charge remains. What can I do to remove it?

Is a CCJ enforceable in ireland

I signed up for a phone contract with EE. I'm 16 but said I was 18.

I'm struggling to keep up with it, am I liable for the amount owed and will action be taken if I don't pay? Thanks

can i claim half of the value of a flat we own

my wife has been made bankrupt for failing to pay council tax she inherited her mothers a flat valued at around £50k about 4 years ago if we divorced surely i would be intitled to half Question can we secure half the value of the flat to me from bankruptcy

Husband wants to remortgage, my name not on mortgage as im in a DMP - can you advise

, he can afford the mortgage by himself but does want to have me named on the mortgage. We have been in the current mortgage for 2 years, and are looking to remortgage with the same bank

Can bailiffs take goods from a home when the debit is from a business

I used to have a woodwork hobby at my home address is was never registered as a business is was just a hobby I sold things on Facebook and eBay that I had made I had an account with b&q which got maxed up with wood then people cancelled their orders leaving me with a huge bill can they take from my home items that are not connected to the business

I have a debt that is about 10 years old but I'm still getting chased by debt collectors

Will this debt not be classed as statute barred now I just keep ignoring the letters and don't acknowledge the debt

Having Depression and Debt

For over two years I have paid £1.00 per month to creditors i.e. RBS. I am now being harassed and taken advantage of by this bank and made a complaint. They had agreed with me to reset the account to £1.00 per month for 12 month upon receiving the letter they have changed this to 3 months. I have other health problems and need surgery which is going to take me until next year.


debts are in my sole name we claim ctc/wtc jointly. are these ctc's and wtc's included in my income

Can I take out home insurance while on a debt relief order?