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8 years ago i was blackmailed by a business partner but nothing in the partnership was agreed. A cheque was signed by both parties for payment to myself for £10,000.

Can they touch my husbands bank account if they are making me bankrupt.?

I am in trust deed and only stopped payment lasst February as I have bbeen ill and now at present cant return to work. Have offered a small amount but got sent a bankruptcy form to fill out ,help

Will My Parents Be Told If I'm Made Bankrupt?

I currently have a lot of debt and have managed to reduce my debt by at least 70%

Bankrupt from ireland

Partner moved in from Ireland a year ago he has a property which is in negative equity with his ex. His ex and children still live in property I ireland he been advised in Ireland to get bankrupt in the uk? Is this correct? All his debt in Ireland. And if he does go bankrupt here does this affect me?we only got one current account in joint names. I have my own mortgage my own accounts etc

Debt relief

I going through DRL my car is now in my dads name but can't move finance over in his so still in my name what will happen with car?

I may have to declare bankruptcy in the coming months..

I have no assets, and our house is solely in my wifes name.. she will not be going bankrupt, so the only assets i have so to speak are personal items around the house... will these be taken into account by the OR, and, if being made bankrupt by HMRC, will bailiffs be used to seize goods from inside the house?

Can bailiffs take my possessions for my boyfriends debts

Is my husband really liable for this ebay debt?

My husband sold a phone via ebay and after several exchanges of emails the buyer said the phone didn't work and wanted a refund. Without going into all the ins and outs of the dialogue, she raised a complaint with ebay and eBay ruled in her favour despite my husband's protest at her inaccurate responses.

A DCA is after money my father in law owed and say half of the house belongs to his estate.

My father in law had managed to rack up around £15k of unsecured debt before he passed away along with taking out a 90% LTV interest only mortgage on the house he and his wife jointly owned.

Can I claim Universal Credit even though I'll be going to University in 8 months?

I have been accepted to study Medicine commencing in October. I'm currently living with my boyfriend and his mum, paying her rent. I am unemployed, and searching for a full-time job. I will only be available to work until October 2015. Can I claim Universal Credit? (Jobseekers allowance and Housing Benefit)

I need advice about n power and a large bill of £1400

I'm a single mum work part time, I don't use a lot of electricty or have any gadgets the units they are saying I'm using is impossible! I had a weeks worth of readings and looked like it was running faulty.a check meter was installed and they have to me that there is nothing wrong with the meter.What can I do? And can the property be blacklisted ?

Can I get a mortgage in my sole name if my husbands bankrupt

I would like to get a mortgage in my sole name, however my husband was discharged from bankruptcy 12 months ago and he is giving me a large cash gift for the deposit, therefore his name has to be on the deeds (but not the mortgage). Will I be turned down because my husband is giving me the deposit.

Does carers allowence count as income

Can bank use ppi award to pay off debts 8 years old?

Have contacted Halifax plc about ppi I had on a loan and mortgage with them in 2005/06. The person I spoke to said that Halifax had tried to contact me about this last year and the year before that as not only did I have ppi on loan and mortgage, I also had it on 2 credit cards and another loan which I had forgotten about.

will my bankruptcy effect the assets of the company i lately was director

6 years ago i had limited company we had just started a limited company it was going fine till one of my main clients left me down for over 100k which it brought the company to very difficult financial position and forced me to go into insolvency . Because we as company were owed more than what we owed to our creditors the liquidation agency took 3 years to declare the company dissolved.

proving something is not mine to a bailiff

Im expecting a visit from a bailiff. Most of my stuff is higher purchase anyway expect two very old wardrobes belonging to my father in law. He does not have receipts. But can they take them?- how else can I proove they are not mine ? Help

can high court enforcement officer take my goods to pay off someone else debt??

I had a partner stay with me for couple of weeks and his also used my address to receive post for a short while. since he left we have no contact and I get no post for him, well until I received notice of enforcement. I rang and emailed the company and explained situation and was told I would need to prove he did not live here and I could do this by sending a recent council tax bill which I did.

I need help with a property disclaimer.

Several years ago my x husband and i were divorced. As my husband was not in a position to pay the agreed divorce settlement in full a charge was placed on his property for 10k. He has now paid this amount to me in full how do i go about getting the charge removed.