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02 debt

I have an 02 sim which I pay £10pm for. It was 300 mins and unlimited txt. They were supposed to txt me when nearing my limit, but didn't. The first I knew of the debt was when my phone was cut off. They then told me that I was £257 in debt. I am unabled to work because I am disabled and I only receive a payment for basic ESA and my parents buy my food and help me out every week.

I have a credit card I didn't tell my iva company about. will they find out

Me and my fiancee are getting married, what if i get made bankrupt before then?

Basically me and my fiancee are getting married in november and i am worried what will happen if i am made bankrupt before then, how will this affect her/us both before the wedding and after?

My ex partner and run up some debt while we were together in my name.

My ex partner and run up some debt while we were together in my name. The debt is now separated onto 2 interest free cards, one is mine and one is his but both are in my name and he pays me £100 per month. We've now been separated 1 year and its about time he got this debt out of my name and into his but he hasnt yet been able to get a large enough credit limit on a new card to allow this.

I need advice on my equity amount and my IVA.

I am approximately two years into my IVA and my house is in the middle of a sale.

my ex partner claimed child credits in joint names


my ex partner owns my car at the moment but the car is getting signed over 2 me at the same address ive had marstons bailiffs before for the same car which the bailiff threatened to take the car so i had to pay it £422 there was no ifs no buts a i needed the car to take my kids to school so me and my ex partner came 2 an arrangement that i would buy the car off him but yet again ive recived anot

Can balliffs force entry to a property if it is not the debtees home?

My partner (we are not married) has just over 2,000 worth of court fines that have been unpaid. We are on benefits and those benefits are in my name (ESA- he is an add on to my claim but it is my claim not joint) anyway he is in prison at the moment and he has asked me to open his mail. There is a letter from collectica stating that this is a warrant of control.

ex has debts,we have joint mortgage,how do I avoid debts being put on deeds

ptnr moved out 2 years ago, left debts I have now paid off,we have a joint mortgage and I am currently paying the mortgage, I have the 2 children living with me and im not receiving any monies from her in child support or payments towards mortgage . she is always owing money/debt letters received weekly at my address. Im worried that her debts can be attached to the property. how can I

Can they take my partners and my property for a court fine when the person doesnt live here?

A bailiff came today to collect a court fine payment of £1400 against my son. My son left home at 16, hes now 24 but due to his circumstances he used this address for post. 3 weeks ago a hand delivered note was left advising us of his return. I telephoned them and told him that the person didnt live here.

If I go Bankrupt, can they take the house? I only own half and my name is not on the deeds?

I have a loan that I can not afford to pay back.
If I do not pay, will they force me to sell my home? I only own half and my name is not on the deeds.
Would going bankrupt be the best option?

Debt collector keeps knocking on door.

The collector is trying to contact my wife who lives with me. The debt was long before i married her and she tells me the debt was with her previous husband.

In Debt living with parent.

I live with one of my parents I am currently sick at the moment and pay £1.00 per month. I live in Scotland I have no assets or money mainly ESA. I have been informed that creditors and other angencies have been breaching data protection. They have been asking people where I live about who owns the house. I have told these creditors that it belongs to my parent.

Can council tax be included in a dmp?

Am I liable for paying half of husbands credit card debts when divorcing?

My husband and I are divorcing. He has credit card debts in his own name which he has run up whilst not working. He states the debts are due to borrowing money which he has used to pay his half of the mortgage. He is saying I am liable to pay half the credit card debt

My future husband is bankrupt I thiss affect me getting a mortgage

My partner has recently been declared bankrupt and is waiting on a final decision on a repayment plan, we are getting married in 6 months and I was hoping to buy a house following this, the mortgage will be in my name and all our accounts will be kept separately, we have no joint financial commitments and I plan to keep it that way. Will this affect me getting a mortgage?