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I have a debt that is about 10 years old but I'm still getting chased by debt collectors

Will this debt not be classed as statute barred now I just keep ignoring the letters and don't acknowledge the debt

Having Depression and Debt

For over two years I have paid £1.00 per month to creditors i.e. RBS. I am now being harassed and taken advantage of by this bank and made a complaint. They had agreed with me to reset the account to £1.00 per month for 12 month upon receiving the letter they have changed this to 3 months. I have other health problems and need surgery which is going to take me until next year.


debts are in my sole name we claim ctc/wtc jointly. are these ctc's and wtc's included in my income

Can I take out home insurance while on a debt relief order?

Do I need to declare my bankruptcy in my reference check?

I am in the process of submitting my details for a tenancy reference check. The form asks whether I have ever had any CCJs and whether I am aware of any adverse credit history. I declared myself bankrupt in 2005 and was discharged in early 2006.

My case ie my x landlord

i Was informed by my local court that i had a bankruptcy against me on the 11th of June as my x landlord after many attempts to claim monies from me i was not able to pay on a payment plan etc i was informed that i would find out directly if the courts had agreed to his demand to make me bankrupt? I have not heard anything by email or by post or by the company who served me the order?

can the ballifs claim my goods because of my son

My son lives with me because he was made homeless,he has his own room and basically use it to sleep until he can find another job...he owns nothing apart from what we gave him...

I was declared bankrupt in 2000

I was declared bankrupt in 2000 & I thought I hhad been discharged, but it turns out that my discharge was suspended. This has had no adverse effect on obtaining credit etc. In 2012 I seperated from my husband & found myself in debt again. I now have an IVA & Insolvancy Practioner wants me to complete PPI in case I too PPI out in the past & if so this can go towards my debts.

Can my sofa be removed by bailiffs

I am disabled and on low income with 3 children will bailiffs come and take the sofa that is on hp as he has cancelled the direct debit that's in his name

please help!!!

I've received a high court writ of control. After a lengthy process involving a builder. The court awarded the builder including fees full monies he was chasing of £19,000. It was agreed in court a large amount be paid within 7 days of £8,000 followed by £400 per month over 2 years. I made the first few months payment but can no longer keep up repayments due to loss of work.

Bankrupt Ex wife

My wife & I separated 6 years ago. We have a rental property (currently empty and needing £10k to get it rentable again) in joint name that is in negative equity and she has declared herself bankrupt and has left me paying the full amount. I understand that if there was equity half would go to to her creditors, what happens to her half of the debt in the property? My mortgage company has been

Bankruptcy where childrens inheritance is involved

Hi there, my husband and myself were due to make ourselves bankrupt over our debts. Now we don't know what to do as my Uncle has recently passed and left a seizable amount of money to our 3 children, which is to be held by myself in trust until they are 21. How do we stand with bankruptcy on this issue. Any suggestions. Thanks Emma

Help with bailiffs!!! Pregnant and clamped wrong car!!!

Hello I have had a baliff visit my house. He visited 7 days ago and posted a notice of enforcement, however we were away and only got back late last night. He has visited again this morning and knocked on the door. We did not answer as he seemed very aggressive and I want to speak to the courts first about this debt as believe I completed a stat dec for this.

my ex is threatening bankruptcy

My ex moved out of our property on october last year. I live in the property with 3 children, 2 of them are his. He is saying he is going to apply for bankruptcy and we will lose the house. I have been paying the monthly repayments with no problem, the problem is I know I wont be able to buy his share of the house as I am paying into a debt management plan.

I'm separated from my husband not yet divorced, he is going bankrupt. Will this affect me?

We have no debts in joint names and the mortgage is in his name. However I paid towards the mortgage for 9 years and contributed to the upkeep of the home including home improvements and was hoping for a share in the assets as part of the divorce. I'm more worried that I'll be made liable for his debts.

My wife of 3 days died recently,I av found collection agency letters totalling 7.5

My wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I married her in her dying days. Now that I have got round to sorting her belongings out I have found unopened letters from collection agencies with debts totalling around £7.5k. Looking at the debs, they don't belong to her.

Can bailiffs take my goods

I bought a car for my daughter we are both insured for it but it is in my name. She got a parking fine and the bailiffs won't accept that I was not in the car and my daughter owed the fine. They said that they will take my goods regardless of whether I am in or not. They have not entered my premises yet. What can I do.

Hi will my partner income be considered in my DRO aplication?

Hi i am currently living with partner what have full time good paid job.I am currently working part time and i cant afford paid my for debts anymore.All my bills and tenancy agreement are on my name and my partner dont pay any of my household bills.Will I still needs to fill up my aplication with 50/50 share household bills or not?as my CAB adviser forcing me to give my partner income etc.Thanks

Bailiffs, high court notice of enforcement, wrong person

I receivedaily a group of letters for someone who has never lived at my address (I know the previous owners of 70 years died here), the letters started to appear with stamped "important" and "do not ignore" so I decided to open the stack". After opening, I found a debt of £4000 to Paul Rooney solicitors, after contacting them, they'd revealed that they'd never met the person, ever, and when the