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Closed bank accounts in bankruptcy

I have been paying a dmp for the last 8 years and have now had to stop working for a while as I have become a single parent. Therefore I'm considering bankruptcy. 4 years ago I inherited some money which I did not use towards my debts and spent recklessly. That account has been closed for two years.

Debt in someone else name

Numerous times ive had marstons and whyte and co send letters to my address asking for a person that no longer lives at my address?

can a baliff take my childs goods?

Can a high court baliff take my childrens computers and television from his room or anything that is owned by someone else in the property?

If I owe a huge amount but don't have any assets what happens (worried)

I am 68 soon and owe just over half a million pounds as I invested in buying several property s and when the market crashed I lost everything .several of the mortgage companies have taken back the property s and the ones they managed to sell are still owing on the mortgage

Can bayliff re visit the property even if that person does not live there?

My ex boyfriend has left my house 10 months ago. Bayliff came to my house last week. They looked all my stuff and couldn't find anything . They asked me to call him. When the call was answered bayliff recorded all conversation. And left one red notice at my house. My concern is will they come again to look for him . Pls advice it's very annoying they woke me up 6 in the morning?

. What document do I need to prove to debt collectors that my son does not live with me?

My son has not lived with me for over 10 years. He has racked up debts to the value of £2k of fines and loans, which he has given my address. Debt collectors have come to my home threatening to take my daughters car and other items. I have been advised to complete a form to show to thee debt collectors, which swears that my son does not live here and nothing in my house belongs to him.

can a bailiff still turn up when courts have said no?

i was issued a ccj for £468 and it stated that bailiffs will be attending my property. i spoke to the courts and they said i could apply to pay in installments. i made my application and they said the creditors had 16 days to reply with a decision and that the bailiffs had been informed and would not be attending my property until a decision has been made.


Hi I was just declared bankrupt and gave my girlfriend the proceeds of a house I sild 2.5 years ago can the for claim this ball

I have a BRU How do I obtain the courts permission to set up as LTD

In 2009 I was made bankrupt this was annulled by my taking out an IVA. which I have been paying the iva was extended for a 6th year and ends june 16.

I know where the debtor lives

We keep on getting letters from debtors for a particular person but he now lives next door to my address and that he used to live at my address. Bit of an arsehole really leaving debt at my address. What is the best thing to do?

can bayliff look for person again n again even if they does not live in the property?

My ex boyfriend has left the 10 months ago ? But bayliff came to house and were checking my stuff. They could it found any relative information for that guy? They left red form and did not tick anything that what time they will re visit. I worries are can they come again to search my house ? Pls advise?

how should equity be worked out in month 54 of an IVA

I have 2008 straightforward protocol, there is modification by KMPG which states equity should be based on PCIVA Guidelines which I don't understand

My husband says bailiffs will be coming to my house to collect his debt

My husband left our home on 21st April 2014 to live with his girlfriend. He is accusing me of destroying his mail. I return all mail 'unsolicited mail' return to sender. A letter arrived 4th Jan which I returned immediately. I told my husband and he said he rang them right away to give them his correct details.

Can bailiffs take my daughters xbox

have a static caravan and need to change payment plan

we have a static caravan, we are tied into an agreement for another 5 years, circumstances have altered and we are struggling to continue paying the full amount each month. we have spoken to the credit company and have been told there is nothing they can do, except give a 3 month "holiday" which will then be payable over the next 3 months after.


Hello, I bought a static caravan in September 2014 in seashore in Great Yarmouth through financial company in secure loan which was high and I have no idea that time there was a site fees so the nightmare start so we rent it to the site to cover the fees which the amount we get from them to us less than a quarter, anyway we have been paying so much all the past months and now we cannot carry o

Declaring bankrupt on a 60/40 mortgage

I am in a joint mortgage in which I own 60%. I also have a 15 yr old with my ex partner. I have found out he is putting in for bankruptcy. My concern is my house....he has not lived in it for a year or more and i have been paying the mortgage but my wage will not allow me to take the full mortgage on. Will i be forced to sell?? Thanks


I have debts that I am paying but will take at least 7 years to pay off. Should I sell my home to pay the debts off and rent whilst I save for a deposit to buy another house. I will have a little of equity left over after paying the debts.

I'm selling my flat and my brother is iva bankrupt

There is 75000 equity so we get 37500 each back but his creditors want 32000 for a 15000 debt from 10 years ago where do i stand and where does he stand thank you