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i am a bankruptee seeking advice regarding my empty property in neg equity

I am 5 months post bankruptcy and have an empty property in negative equity. I have not continued to make payments on this property and have informed my mortgage company that I wish the house to be repossessed. I have informed them that I will not sign any paperwork making me liable for any shortfall after sale. To date I have received no paperwork or notification of repossession.

Is my house at risk due to my husband's gambling debts?

My husband has run up major debts through gambling. We are separating and I am seeking a transfer of ownership of our house (currently jointly owned) so that I have full possession. If I do this and have full ownership of the property, would my husband's creditors still be able to lay claim to any equity in the house? Or indeed demand a house sale in order to recoup some their monies owing?

Will my Wife get anything equity?I'm currently in an I.V.A. with

Due to a period of sole trading debts for a Pub Business which has now ceased trading.Also arrears and a shortfall in a rental property I owned which was repsessed and apparently not accounted for in My I.V.A. I am presumeing I have to go Bankrupt as I'm currently unemployed and can't support IVA + NEW DEBTS. I own my home and have equity i it.


I have received a letter from my previous landlord about the rent I owe to them when I lived there with my ex partner . they have also sent the same letter to my mum saying they are going to her house for the money but I don't live with my mum and my mum didn't sign anything to say she would cover for any payments that were not made by me.

can court bailiffs take my things if it is my 18 year old daughters debt .

My partner's bankruptcy & it's affect on me

My partner is considering going bankrupt. He has lived in my home for 8 years but none of the household bills or any of the assets are in his name. He only had a car worth around £150!
I understand that none of my assets are affected but what about if I apply for any credit agreement? Will my address be linked to my partner's bankruptcy?

Brothers debt but has never lived here

Can someone help.

Marston Group refusing my part payment offer

I had a fine with Manchester city council for bus lane contravention and i did not pay the fine, they passed the case to debt collectors Marston Group who are came and clamped and towed my car away. I was meant to have paid 95 that was charged by the courts but Marston need me to pay £517 which they said i have acrued on charges.

Is it ok to swap from working to DSS whilst renting a house?

i am renting a house with my 4 children. i am working and paying my rent as normal, however i may have to give up my job for various reasons and get help from DSS to pay my rent. is this a criminal offence as i initially get the house mentioning that was working?

I keep getting calls from the CRS for my daughter.

I have explained that she does not live here and even given her home number.
They still keep calling here but wont tell me anything about why they need to speak to her. I today received and automated call about a visit from a field agent. I dont know what to do. She says she know nothing about it.

If I was discharged from bankruptcy in Aug 2012, can I now apply to be a school governor ?

Just wondering if I am still a 'bankrupt' ??

can I open a bank account if I have had a debt relief order?

Can my son be liable for eBay debt?

My son had an eBay account that I didn't know about and was selling items. He somehow managed to rack up a £330 debt in selling fees which I find extremely hard to believe but he has.

I cannot afford to pay for that and he is straight out refusing.

would debt collectors go after him?
He's 15.

If they do it will teach him a lesson.

Will it affect his credit score?

In bankruptcy, can they take my child's belongings?

For instance he has an xbox that was a family gift he was given for Christmas and a TV that he bought with money given by his individual family members gave him for birthday money.

Coul they take these kinds of items from his house?

I am trying to find out if someone that I know has been declared bankrupt

Someone that I know has informed me that someone else that I know has been declared bankrupt. I have tried the Individual Insolvancy Service, with no success. I have also looked at the London Gazette insolvancy pages, also with no success. Another friend of mine also belives that this partiuclar individual has been declared bankrupt.

Will unsecured debt be paid out of house sale profits

can bailiffs take my stuff

my step son owes money and he said bailiffs will be coming, he lives with us but we own all the furniture and stuff in the house not him.
where do we stand in all this, can they take our stuff, we have lived here some time and don't still have the receipts for stuff, how do we prove its all ours and not his

Due to renew car lease

We are 2 years into our IVA and have had a car on lease for two and half years, this is due to end april 2015 the IVA company have ok us to renew but the car company are saying no! We need a car to get us to work and kids to school, what can we do?