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My home was repossessed 6 yrs ago,

I have re built my credit score over the past 3 yrs considerably, pay everything on time religiously . I have spoken to equifax over recent yrs and I pay a monthly fee to keep on track. My credit score is now 461 which they say is an excellent score. I have also been able to obtain credit in the way of a bank loan for a car And a credit card transfer with.

Can I sell a share of my house?

I want to sell part of my house to clear debt but still live there. I am 41. Where do I look for someone to buy it without ripping me off?

Can my employer find out what debt I have

My husband and I have a joint loan if I declare bankrupcy how will this affect me

We took a loan out against the house in both our names

What is the best way to go bankrupt when your house has negative equity

I am seriously considering bankruptcy. I owe £7,000 on my interest only mortgage. i have around £20,00 negative equity. i have a pension but no guaranteed income and I have long discussions with my lender each month. i also owe around £20,000 to other people. My qusetion is: I am prepared to lose my home. What is the best series of events to help me get rid of this debt?

bankrupt and assets on house?

My girlfriend owns a house which she bought with her ex partner who died sometime ago, unfortunately when my girlfriend wanted to take the mortgage over, she found out via the bank that the ex had been made bankrupt, will she owe debts or assets on the house?

my 25 year old son has a 3,000 fine which he fell 2 weeks in arears

my 25 year old son has a 3,000 fineg which he fell 2 weeks in arears with through being sanctioned on j.s.a we tried to make arrangements of 10 per wk to pay off fine and they said we have to find £126 a wk im on e.s.a because of anxiety / depression and post traumatic stress we dont have that much a week they now said because he ls at home they will take my property if i cant prove its mine how c

Inheriting a bankrupt company

If you inherit a bankrupt company do you automatically become liable for its debts ? How would you you become liable for them ?

can baffles take my cooker, freezer,washer,and my sofa,chairs, table,chairs

If husband goes bankrupt what will happen to me?

My husband has unsecured debt of £50000 A part of that is a £15000 loan in our joint names! If he goed bankrupt what will happen to me?

im in debt with voda phone for over 2000 im on benifits ..

im in debt with vodaphone for over 2000 been for the last year...i have had total of 4 letters now but the last one pritty shook me up..i simply can not pay the hole amount im 23 have a young son and care for my mother my income is pritty low as on also behind on my virgin to by 50 pound..but that isnt a big issue...i have no clue how to deal with this or who to turn to

Can my husband declare no interest in our house?

Hi after 20 years of marriage my husband and I have separated. At this moment I am unsure if this will be permanent. I am the main wage earner and have remained in the house with our 2 teenage sons. Although a joint mortgage, I cover this from my salary.


my house was repossed in 1991 i would like to find out how much it was sold for and did it cover my outstanding debt on the mortgage

can I open bank account after DRO

hello my mum has recently passed away,

The property is estimated at £95,000, I have since done a land registry on the property and found out there is 2 restrictions on there ,The first one being Santander which is for £17,000 they are the mortgage creditors .The second being a iva for £49,000 the iva is joint on there with me mum as the main candidate and her partner who are not married as the second name on there, where do we stand

How do i evict an ex wife from my home.

My wife had me arrested in January 2015. As part of the bail conditions I am not allowed to the property. The property is rented from a housing association. The lease is solely in my name, and the contents are mine from before the marriage. How can I re-gain my legal right of access and abode to the property. The landord is currently unwilling to help, as my ex wife has a daughter from


8 years ago i was blackmailed by a business partner but nothing in the partnership was agreed. A cheque was signed by both parties for payment to myself for £10,000.

Can they touch my husbands bank account if they are making me bankrupt.?

I am in trust deed and only stopped payment lasst February as I have bbeen ill and now at present cant return to work. Have offered a small amount but got sent a bankruptcy form to fill out ,help

Will My Parents Be Told If I'm Made Bankrupt?

I currently have a lot of debt and have managed to reduce my debt by at least 70%