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Can I get my debt written off? and if so, how?


I have been paying off a ccj at the rate of £50 per month over the last 6 and half years to a high court enforcement agency. the original debt was for the sum of around £6,000.

Does my partner moving in affect me?

I have a mortgage on my house and my partner is due to move in, he is in the process of going to court to go bankrupt. Will this affect me? He hasn't paid anything into the house or bought anything.

Computer personal family info

What about personal computers which contain bank and other such details or personal family photographs of your children etc

Want to move in with girlfriend will it affect my IPA

I will be discharged from bankruptcy in November. I currently live on my own in rented property and my girlfriend wants me to move in with her, if I wait until November after my discharge am I safe to move in and carry on paying my IPA or do I need to inform my OR and will she become liable for payments. My girlfriend owns her own house but isn't on a good income and manages month to month.

Will CCJ affect house sale

i am in the process of selling my jointly owned house with my husband. I have 3 charging orders from 2009 which I believe are still valid & I am paying a fixed amount on these.

I have an IVA dated April 2013. In Jan 2014 a default CCJ was made against me.

Can the court enforce the CCJ? I did not attend court.

Will I be arrested entering scotland if I have an outstanding warrant?

I have an outstanding overdraft from RBS from several years ago (approx 6). I have been living abroad for 4.5 years and am planning to visit for a week. My concern is that a warrant may have been put out as regards my non payment of the debt and whether or not I will be arrested upon my arrival.

Can I be a treasurer of a charity if on dmp

I attend a support group for a medical condition I have and I have been asked to take on the role of treasurer.
They want to add my name to the bank account but i am concerned as I have been in a bmp for about a year now and have a feeling that when we go to the bank I am going to be embarrassed as the bank will refuse to add my name to the account due to my dump.

Can they try and take my house away in payment for my wife's debt if the house is mine

Years ago my wife and I had massive debt which was in joint names, I went bankrupt and we lost our home etc but my wife refused to go bankrupt, as far as I know this means that I am no longer liable for the debt but my wife still is.

Can I sign my house over with a ccj against me. Pls help

I have just been sent a ccj regarding rent for a business I am at present trying to leave the lease of due to lots of problems and is probably going to end up in court. Now I have this ccj which I haven't returned yet can I sign house to my husband?? Please help

Can a DCA serve an Earnings Arrestment Schedule without pre warning?


Just looking for some advice regarding a situation my Partner is in.

She was owe money to a council for landscaping fees. This was in her and her ex partners name.

Now when she moved house she heard nothing about this debt until she realized she had a decree on her file.

She called them immediately and agreed to pay half of the fees totaling around £500.

Are CCJ's which are in place prior to starting an IVA, automatically become 'satisfied' ?

Are CCJ's which are in place prior to starting an IVA, automatically become 'satisfied' once the IVA is satisfied, and should they be automatically removed from my credit file?


marstons bailiffs came to my sons home last night and have wrote a list of things they are coming back today to take the. list is as follows tv,xbox,2 seater settee,4 paintings from childrens bedroom, pine chest of drawers and a pine was a gift to my grandson along with tv are they allowed to take furniture ?

Ex- husbands bills

I moved out of my previous property in 2008 were I lived with husband since them moved out & devoiced I singed a document to change a bill for the property from my name to his but he did not sign his & send it back so they for it was still in my name i rang the creditor up and they said it was up to me to pay it even though he was using the services in 2013 do I have to pay this myself or can the

Will my partners bankruptcy affect me if my name is put on his mortgage ?

My partner is nearly at the end of his three year bankruptcies and is a home owner which he managed to keep. Since being bankrupt nearly three years ago he has continued to pay the mortgage n keep to the arrangements of payments. As his girlfriend I would like to go on his mortgage but want to know if this would affect my credit for the future.

Do I pay surcharges from an Earnings Arrestment even though I was registered as a student?

Two days ago my employer received an Earnings Arrestment Schedule letter with my name as the "Debtor". It is from the years 2011/2012 from a property in which I resided as a student. At the beginning of our (my then flatmate and I) stay there we filled out and sent out all necessary forms, university letters etc. in order to register as students.

Can baliffs make telephone calls to your place of work?

Bankruptcy concerns. Will I lose the house?

Separated 2 years ago. House was put in my sole name as part of the official separation financial settlement. Estranged husband pays maintenance from which I pay the mortgage. However building society won't put mortgage in my sole name as I don't earn enough due to ill health. So mortgage remains in estranged husbands sole name.