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Filling in of expenditure form for debt company.

My partner owes money to a debt company and has been sent an expenditure form to set up a payment plan. We are not married and the loan was taken out years before we met, yet the debt company want details of my salary as well as my partners. Do I have to declare my income even if the debt is nothing to do with me?

How can I remove my ex-husband's name from the mortgage.

My current husband now contributes to the mortgage but when we approached a lender for our own mortgage we were told we cannot do that as I have a mortgage with my ex-husband's name (who is now bankrupt) on the mortgage

Property repossessed, where is it recorded? It is not on my credit report.

I had property repossed in 2009 and am now in a better financial situation so looking to apply for a morgage again. My credit report is 'fair' but there is no sign of my repossession. How does the lender know and do I have to declare it again when applying. Is it even a question they ask!

can the balliffs take stuff from my house

my daughter took out a loan and four mobile phones which she cant afford to pay for she has had letters from debt companies, she has no job so no way of paying the money she owes at the moment, and im worried that the balliffs will remove my stuff to pay her debt

Do I have to declare my bankruptcy to my insurance company?

I was declared bankrupt in 2001 and discharged in 2004. When asked 'have I ever been declared bankrupt' do I still have to answer yes? and will my insurance be void if I don't? I don't see why I should still have to declare it and presumably pay an additional premium, when I now run several successful companies and own my own house etc.

House reposessed for tax debt?

My husband owes about £17000-20 000 in income tax debt (self employed and hasn't paid for 7 years) He also owes around 2500 in credit card etc debt. I owe about £8000 in loans.I have got a payment plan in place with all of them except the tax debt which we have just submitted. My husband is earning well just now but not well enough to pay off this debt in a short time.

Father in debt, what are the probabilities of losing our family home?

My father has just lost a court case regarding his business and owes around £150000 to the trustees. The house is in 50/50 ownership with my mother owning the second half to it. My father can't afford to pay the debt so will most likely go into bankruptcy so what are the chances of the losing the house? (My mother had no ties to the business)

My stepdad paid for my car, If i apply for a dro will they take the car ?

I drive my mum around as she is disabled. My stepdad paid for the car. Out of his bank acc.But i am the registered keeper. Will it affect a dro? And also i am under the mental health act. What help is there for me, being in 7000 debt?

How will DRO affect my employment?

I am considering applying for DRO, but I've found a clause in my contract of employment, which says: "Your employment may be terminated by the Company without notice or payment in lieu notice if you shall become bankrupt or make a composition with your creditors"
Does it mean I may llose my job? Does my employer automatically knows about my DRO?

Can the courts force house sale?

My husband is facing bankruptcy. The home we live in was owed outright by myself before we were a couple and my name is on the deeds only.All debts are in his name solely and we have no joint bank accounts. Can I be forced to sell the home to cover his debts?

DRO and I hoping to move in with my partner within the next 12 months

I am in the throws of setting up a DRO, I was also hoping to move in with my partner within the next 12 months and he earns a decent ish wage. Would the DRO be revoked/do I have to disclose his earnings/household income? My benefits would stop once we live together.

can a bailiff involve police in trying to aquire my vehicle?

Can I declare myself bankrupt if I am still working?

Will my bankruptcy affect my partners divorce settlement?

I have been made bankrupt earlier this year and have recently got married just prior to my spouse being awarded a divorce settlement of £30,000. Will my bankruptcy affect this settlement I.e. Will my creditors be entitled to some or all of this money, as we got married before the settlement?

I have a debt in my name but its my friend who's paying it


Will bankruptcy affect my current partner as I live with him in his house.

Can I declare bankruptcy in the UK ?

I am currently living in the TRNC ( north cyprus) and have assets here. I currently owe approx £80,000 in the UK plus vat and tax liabilities.
I also have a property in Spain which is worth about what the mortgage is. I am unable to pay my debts.