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If my wife gets remortgage on her own name will we still lose our house ?

My partner owns two property's, one we live in with our two children and the other is a one bedroom apartment which he rents out. The apartment is in about 40k of negative equity and his mortgage on this is interest only. His mortgage is with a company who back in 2010 were nationalised and therefore the interest rates were extremely low.

My husband entered into an IVA - Is 'my' house at risk of equity release?

My husband entered into an IVA last year to pay down his personal debt. We live together but the house is owned outright by me (only my name is on the deed) and any previous mortgages and mortgage payments were in my name only, with my bank etc.. Is the house at risk of an equity release in any way?

Untility Bill How easy is it to change the Bill Name over

My husband has left me pending divorce but we have no communication at all.

I am a sole trader and I have a customer who is thinking of suing me for loss of earnings.

i had a customer who was in contact with me in order to get some pipe work done and paid me £2500 for the work.

Bankruptcy for the innocent where do I stand?

My ex partner went bankrupt last year and now has been discharged as she never paid any money towards the house (mortgage, bills etc...) she left the house to me as she owed me money (£36,000) now the receivers want 50% of her equity even though I have been paying the mortgage, interest and repairs.

Debt collectors may be coming to my home. can i move valuables into partners name?

Debt collectors may be coming to my home. I have items that i purchased like the television and computer. Am i able to sell these items to my partner and make out invoices to her? Then if worst come to worse she can show paperwork.

Can bailiffs find your new address if you move home?

Asking this question on behalf of my friend who has moved from his previous address in which he was living alone back with his family and parents etc. will bailiffs follow him/find him here. He now lives in a different area with a different county council and he's had left no redirection for mail at his previous address. Thanks

I will be discharged from bankruptcy 6 years in February 16 .

I will be discharged from bankruptcy 6years in February 16. Will I have to declare this in February if I want to change banks as branch is closing. I have been in employment and good credit since. It was no fault of my own and I was not with my husband for two years when he went bankrupt taking me down too as my name was still on the business.

What can I do to prevent this?

I have had a letter saying that I will be visited by a bailiff due to council tax arrears that I was unaware of. I have 2 babies and I am scared that a bailiff will enter my home and scare my children and take all of our things.

Can a bailliff seize my daughter's (expensive and adult sized) bicycle?

The bike was given as a Christmas present and my daughter has no proof of ownership.

How do I recover from this seemingly impossible debt?

My wife and I were employed in good jobs but lived beyond our means and ended up on a DMP. We have a mortgage in Spain on an apartment which we have not been paying for approx 4-5 years but they have so many problems over there, they have not chased us for it. We intend to give Power of Attorney to our Spanish solicitors and return the keys to the bank. This is the least of our probems.

ive booked a holiday for next may and hubby is going bankrupt now in jan, can we stii go?

ive booked the holiday with my money and its my hubby who is going bankrupt not me all debts are in his name? is the going to effect our holiday now?

No equity and a CCJ

If there in no equity in a property what happens with the CCJ against the house when there is only enough to cover the morgage to be paid off

I owe money on my car finance. Can they take my house or things that belong in my house?

I owe money on my car finance. It is owned by the finance company (obviously until I pay the balance) they defaulted my account over 5 years ago. 6 years in may 16.

Bailiff came round person no longer here

Had a bailiff round this morning asking if a person lives here who left about 6 months ago, didn't say what it was about. I told them he was here for a little while then left he asked for my name and said he needed it to get it taken away from this address what happens now? Where do I stand? I'm very worried .

My partner is about to be made bankrupt can they touch anything in my house

i own my house and its contents but I'm worried if he is staying with me can they touch any of my belongings

Sell my share of house

I'm living at the moment in a house we both own but we are divorced and we can't sell the house I can't go on much more living in the same house could I sell my half of the house to someone else cause I can't afford to move out and need money to sort out another house