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I'm on the other side, and would welcome advice or comments. I trusted a local auctioneer with some items (many of the family which I was selling after my mother's death) so that the money could be divided between three of us. There was a very mysterious robbery a few days after the auction - some of my unsold items were stolen, and the auctioneer in question said he was unable to repay his creditors. He promised publicly to do so eventually. This was in October 2010. Each time he has told me he was going to pay me my money (about £450) he has then reneged. Eventually he told me everyone would get their by the end of March. Since then he has stalled - last excuse was because he he was waiting for a new cheque book! Latest email was that cheques would definitely be sent out this Saturday. I won't hold my breath. Do I have any chance of going down the CCJ route? I'm afraid that if I do so I stand even less of a chance of getting my money as it might be deemed too low an amount to bother about. I know it's not a lot of money to most people, but it is to me, plus it involved the sale of sentimental items and I have had to pay my brother and sister out of my own money (I'm on a low pension). I wouldn't feel so bad if his blog wasn't full of arrogant boasting about how well he is doing, how much he is drinking, how good life is to him. I agree with no 37 - much of what I read on here doesn't reflect responsible behaviour, but I don't see how I was responsible for this, as I checked his very elegant website, he's well-known in Norwich, etc, etc. I would welcome comments/advice.

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This could be partly a matter for the police and partly the small claims court. Go to and follow the procedure of how to make a claim for the goods that he did sell. Even though you may feel £450 is a small amount, it is still your money and you are entitled to it. However if the robbery was real then it is a police matter and you should speak to the station at which the robbery was reported.

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