Debt Story #36

Posted by: tom bremner on 28th Sep 2010 | 0 Comments | Post Comment

since i have been young i have been awfull with money, i used to enjoy the luxuries such as the newest trainers and games consoles, i also became a member of a gaming group via pc and made monthly payments to a gaming website, however i never had the money to afford all of this, so i used to borrow money of friends and family ect... however after a while i couldnt py them back and people started wanting there money and became more and more persistant, when i turned eighteen i thought i could solve all my porblems by getting a credit card and using this to pay off the money i owed to everybody however i then had no money to pay for the credit cards so i getting new credit cards to pay off old credit card debts and the debt spiralled out of control, i didnt no what to do and sutpidly turned to the bottle and after a string of incidents thqat shouldnt of happened but did because of alchol i lost my job, i am now out of work and have huge credit card debts, what can i do?

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