Debt Story #34

Posted by: Paul on 24th May 2010 | 0 Comments | Post Comment

i have always been quite good with money since leaving the army. Im not a frivolous person i went self employed in 2004, in 2005 i found an accountant who was recommended by a friend, he kept all my business records for nearly a year and did none of my tax or setting up a wage system, i set up a limited company in 2005 and began trading, 6 month later all my accounts turned up soaking wet on my doorstep after getting the institute of chartered accountants involved, i had given up getting the accounts back as i had been informed the guy was dead, this was not the case. i found another accountant, i have lost count of how many tax returns i have signed and every year i get late payment fines i have 3 returns from 05/06 06/07 and 07/08 totalling a repayment of £21000. these were redone and submitted personally by me and they got lost for 9 months. on the back of these i have continued trading and run up personal debt of £7000. i also owe £6800 to the vat man, on top of which they are adding daily interest and charges. i trade as a limited company but i pay cis contributions at source, now my accountant tells me those returns are not valid and hes had to redo them again and there is a high possibility i wont see a penny, im 3 months behind with my van payments, cant pay my liability insurance, i have no money to go to work, let alone pay my mortgage. im now facing both professional and personal ruin. what can i do about it, nothing, the inland revenue is above the law.

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