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Can someone please shed some light on this? My eldest son doesn't live with us but keeps running up debts with people like quick quid and wanadoo etc, he is still using this address with no wanting to pay these debts back to the borrowers, as you can imagine causing huge problems between my husband and I.

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Re: Can someone please shed some light on this? My eldest ...

Applying for credit using an address at which you do not reside is fraud. However, as this is considered low scale fraud it is unlikely the police will pursue it. The only thing you can do is return any post unopened as 'not at this address' and see if that stops the creditors trying to communicate with your son at your address. If debt collectors/bailiffs start calling at your address, they cannot seize any of your goods and if you feel able you should tell them of your son's correct address so they can leave you alone and collect the debt from him there.

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