UK’s Best Debt Advice Charities

The UK has a wide range of debt advice charities available. Collectively they help hundreds of thousands of people a year and provide valuable and free expert debt advice. At a time when you need it most, they're able to offer unbiased advice and will explain the range of debt solutions currently available including free debt management plans, IVAs, and Debt Relief Orders.

So if you feel that you've reached the point where you’re missing repayments regularly and having sleepless nights with worry, calling a debt charity could be the turning point in your life when you break the cycle and begin to get your life back on track.

What a debt charity will do is carefully assess your financial situation by looking at how much you owe, what you earn and what you spend. They will then be able to tell you which debt solutions you are eligible for and in many instances immediately start talking directly to your creditors on your behalf with the aim of securing the fairest and most affordable outcome for you.

Debt charities have your best interests at heart and unlike many commercial debt solution providers do not operate on a commission based system which can lead to debt solutions being proposed simply because the company receives a commission, rather than because it's the best solution for the individual's circumstances. Importantly, debt charities provide their services free to individuals.

Our Top 5 Debt Charities

Debt Advice Foundation << Click To Visit Website >>

Their helpline is confidential, non-judgemental and covers the full range of debt solutions available in the UK.  You don’t have to book an appointment to speak to them and best of all, they don’t charge any fees for debt management.

Citizens Advice << Click To Visit Website >>

If you would rather talk about your debt problems face-to-face then Citizens Advice is an option for you. They do a great job considering the huge volume of enquiries they receive, but be aware that the waiting times can be long and the standard of advice can differ quite considerably depending on the region and office that you choose.

StepChange/CCCS << Click To Visit Website >>

Stepchange is another specialist debt advice charities. They offer free advice and a free debt management plan. Also available is online and freephone counselling delivered by expert advisors and again, completely free of charge.

National Debtline << Click To Visit Website >>

Although not as high profile as charities such as Citizens Advice, National Debtline has been around since 1987 in one form or another and is one of the largest UK debt charities. They're distinctive in that they provide very informative self-help packs and fact sheets for those who want to understand more about the debt solutions that exist. Interestingly, their self-help pack was awarded the Plain English Crystal Mark, so nice and easy to read without the usual jargon!


CAP <<Click To Visit Website>>

Christians Against Poverty is a National UK charity, working to help lift people out of debt and poverty. They were recently voted runner up in the prestigious Sunday Times Best 100 not-for-profit organisations to work for and their approach is to work in partnership with local churches because they believe that the Church can be trusted to help turn lives around for the better.
They offer free debt counselling through a network of hundreds of centres based in local churches.

There’s No Need To Wait

All of the above charities have your best interests at heart, can answer your questions and can help to come up with debt solutuons that will put your debt worries behind you.

Calls are completely confidential and all you have to do to kick-start the process is pick up the phone or request a call back.

Why Waiting Makes No Sense

At Talkaboutdebt we've been running our own research and have commissioned debt studies through national research agencies. These are some of the findings that underline why it’s so important to get in touch with one of the above charity organisations:

  • 23% take over a year to face their debt problem and ask for help
  • 59% are always worried about their debt
  • 40% say debt is stopping them moving on with their life
  • 63% are worried about the long term affects on ability to get credit
  • 87% of those in debt are being kept awake at night with the worry
  • 75% are having their work affected by being in debt, putting their ability to earn at risk
  • 71% think that debt is having a negative affect on their health

There are over 1m people in the UK who are technically insolvent at the moment so if you’re struggling you’re not alone.

To stop being one of the many debt statistics published all you need to do is get help and work your way though it. There are solutions you can access today that stop you struggling.

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Re: UK’s Best Debt Advice Charities

I've got a debt management plan with cccs, however I have since got myself into more debt since setting up the plan due to some unexpected circumstances where I need extra cash so had to take out a payday loan. because of this, it has spiralled and now i can't pay back everything and my cccs plan is at risk of closure. I'm not sure what to do. should I try another company? any advice would be very much appreciated.

Re: UK’s Best Debt Advice Charities

Contact CCCS/Stepchange and ask their advice is the best step forward here as they know and understand your circumstances.

Re: UK’s Best Debt Advice Charities

Hi guys I am an established Credit Controller / Debt Recovery agent (AKA the enemy). I am looking to try to change career and help, rather than hinder people with debt problems. I don't want to work for firms that charge people to help, this seems immoral to me. Does anyone have any advice as to what charitable organisations offer work in and around Liverpool? CAB are so strapped for cash that they are only offering voluntary positions and, simply put, if I took one I would be in debt and would need their services! Any help gratefully received.

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