Repossession – how do I keep my home from being repossessed?

I have missed mortgage repayments and am in arrears. I don't want to be repossessed. Is it possible to stop my mortgage company and the courts from evicting me and repossessing my house?

if my home is repossessed will i ever be able to get a mortgage ever again

Is bankruptcy for wife only solution to shortfall after repossession and will this affect me

My new wife has had her old home repossessed which she jointly has a mortgage with her ex. Long story but her ex has pretended to make payments on the house for over a year and hasn't ultimately leading to repossession. The shortfall after the house has been sold is 26K, a bill which landed on my partners doorstep yesterday. Is this debt shared out between her and her ex husband?

Unsecured Debt May Still Result in Home Repossession: Charging Orders

Topic: Repossession | Posted: 8 years 8 weeks
An increasing number of homeowners are discovering that unsecured credit cards and loans are being used to compel the sale of their homes to repay the debt. A little known provision in the law allows for unsecured lenders to compel homeowners to sell their homes even though the debt is and was established on an unsecured basis; charging orders.

I want to sell the house my ex-wife and I own - can't afford mortgage but ex won't agree

My ex-wife and I divorced a year ago and our house was rented until a few months ago. The monthly rent did not cover the full monthly mortgage amount. I am only able to get part-time work and the hours vary from week to week and can no longer cope with paying my half of the mortgage.

Static caravan site fee

Can't afford my site fee and Thorpe park now saying they going to sell the site and take there fee out and pay me the rest but they oferd me 6000 and my van cost me 30 grand cash of a friend and is worth around 33 grand I need help

Am I responsible for my husbands debt?

Me and my husband have joint responsibilities on our home mortgage, we have both signed that we pay the mortgage together. He himself went into debt a few years ago. We were married then as well however the debt had nothing to do with me, i didn't sign anything. Now he can't pay the debt back, and i'm wondering can the bank repossess our home?

i have a 6,000 pound secured loan, can they reposess my house?

i took out a 6,000 pound loan 5 years ago recently i have not kept up the re payments thro lack of work. they have now written to me telling me they are taking me to court to start reprossesion proceedings. my house is worth 120,000 and my mortgage is 35,000. can they take my home?

I am on a mortgage with my ex, when I marry what happens if my ex doesn't pay the mortgage

I am on a mortgage with my ex, I haven't paid anything for nearly 5 years, she pays it. She says she can't afford to take the mortgage over herself and the property is on the market but no real interest. I am getting married this year and my partner has a house, what if my ex defaults on the mortgage can they touch my new wifes house?

House repossession - can it be prevented?

My mortgage company want to repossess my house. How can I stop them? I don't have the money they are asking for.

Ex Wife cannot afford mortgage on joint owned house (rented out) if I pay all is house mine?

This is an ongoing issue, my wife and I are separated, we have a house that is now rented out, but she is struggling to pay her half of the mortgage, even though she has received the rent.

My car was repossessed without a court order from private property.

The finance company chose not to obtain a court order as the car had previously been parked on the public road. Due to a business failure we were forced to move, the bailiffs located us and reposed the vehicle. I raised the issue with the finance company who waffled for a while.

I have mortage, but can not pay any more, when my house will be repossessed?What it means?

When they will take my house, do I have to pay them more?

Ex about to skip country and leave me to deal with joint mortgage debt - anything I can do?

I have a mortgage in joint names with my ex on the property that she lives in with her husband. When she got married, her husband refused to take any responsibility for the mortgage or to sell the property despite letters from my solicitor.

my partner & I have a joint mortgage, he has £20,000 of debt

My partners business went down the pan and now he owes over £20,000. When the creditors come looking for him is our home going to be repossessed. I paid the deposit over 10 years ago with the sale from my old house does this come into consideration.

My partner owns two property's, If one gets repossessed will he lose the other.

My partner owns two property's, one we live in with our two children and the other is a one bedroom apartment which he rents out. The apartment is in about 40k of negative equity and his mortgage on this is interest only. His mortgage is with a company who back in 2010 were nationalised and therefore the interest rates were extremely low.

Joint Mortgage, Bankruptcy, remortgaging - HELP

My partner is declaring himself bankrupt. I understand that this effects me. However, the house is the same value as when we bought it. So really, the only equity we have in the house is a 10% deposit. I want to transfer the mortgage into my name but my credit rating is poor, so I am afraid I will not be permitted to go it alone. What are my options here?