if I enter an IVA can the baliffs still come

What happens if I lose my job whilst in an IVA?

How does an IVA work

I have been told that an IVA is my best option but I am not clear about it. How does an IVA work? Thanks

How long does an IVA run for&does it then clear the debt?

IVA advice - what is an IVA and can it help you out of debt?

What is an IVA?

An IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangement is a legally binding contract between you and your creditors to pay off as much as you can afford over what is usually a 5 year period.<

Can I sell my home while paying an IVA

Can I get a new Car on Lease in the middle of my IVA

My IVA has run for 13 mths so far. I was in the middle of leasing a car on a 36 mth term. They agreed I could continue. When this ends in September, will I be allowed to lease another one. I receive a car allowance form work and they expect me to have a decent car. I will be unable to buy one outright (for obvious reasons). Are ,y IVA company obliged to let me lease again? THaNKS

Can I get car finance if in an IVA?

can i change mi IVA company? i'm not happy with the one i'm dealing with

i am a police officer do i have to declare an IVA to them?

Can I join police with an iva?

How will an IVA affect my credit rating?

IVA Credit Rating - what's the affect of an IVA on my credit rating?

IVA watch dog contacted me and now i dont know what to do?

I am currently in year 3 of my IVA, recently a man from the IVA watch dog contacted me and discussed the option of becoming bankrupt and that i may have been mis sold my IVA. He also said that if i did go into bankrupcy and it it is proven that my iva was mis sold i can get all the money back i have paid so far?

Pre IVA PPI recovery

I have received a cheque for mis sold PPI on a loan that I paid off 7 years before entering an IVA. I completed the IVA 14 months ago. Can I keep the money. The money has been recovered from investigations by Equity in Finance who are nominated reps of my IP. I was advised that my IVA would fail if I did not comply with the PPI recovery request.

what is the best way to get out of an iva

Is an IVA or individual voluntary arrangement right for you?

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I was recently asked by Sarah Pennells, ex BBC journalist and founder of the wonderful SavvyWoman.co.uk website to write an article that would help those people struggling with debt problems to better understand how an Individual Voluntary Arrangement or IVA could help them depending on their personal circumstances.