Debt Collectors

can debt collectors take any goods from my house for my stepsons debts ?

Can debt collectors take any goods from my house for my stepsons debts that dont belong to him ? He currently owes £7000 (ish) to 4 different creditors. he is currently unemployed and just ignores all the letters and has nothing except clothes . And how can i prove he doesnt own anything in the house when i dont have any receipts for them ?

I have no assets and a debt collection agency want money

In December 1999 my house was reposessed due to illness and not being able to work. My last payments on the house were in July 1998. Since then I have still been ill and a debt collection agency is persuing me for money. I did fill in a income form in 2000. Does this mean i have admitted the debt?

My company is going into liquidation, am I liable for the overdraft?

My company is currently going into liquidation and the bank account has an upaid overdraft of £1,186. I now have a debt collection agency chasing me for the money claiming I was a guarantor but at no time did the bank make it clear to me I would be acting as a guarantor on the overdraft. I have asked for a copy of the agreement showing me as a guarantor.

Daughter no longer lives with me. Receiving her debt letters still. What will happen to me?

Hello. My daugher has not lived with me for two years, but still uses my address for correspondence. I have opened letters in her name relating to several debts amounting to apprx £3000. I keep posting the letters back to sender, stating "no longer at this address"

Will I have to pay off my husbands debt?

In 2007 myhusband ran up debts which, with my help, are now cleared. We separated shortly after and have not been togther since, however, he still receives post here. I believe he has financial issues agin ( soliciotrs have been calling) and I am concerned that I will be liable for any debts he has accrued.

The bill is not mine?

I split up with my ex in Feb this year. Since then I have managed to sort my life out and rented a new place for my daugther and myself. However I have had several letters demanding payment for an electric bill which I cannot understand as my name was not on the account. These letters have now become quite threatening and are now mentioning court action and baliffs?

i keep receiving letters from a debt agency at my address for someone i dont know?

how do i makesure i dont recieve anymore i have emailed them on numerous occasions and did not receive anything for 6 months!

if i move in with my partner can debt collectors take my things and i get bad credit

my partner wants me to move in with her but she has debt collecters after her and court orders.will this affect me in anyway as she is also black listed with repossesions

can a creditor touch assets/money of my limited company depite the debt being a personal one

I owe a buiding society some money as a result of a shortfall from their sale of my property. I am looking to set up a limited liability company and will be the director of the said company. will the building society have a right to demand money from, or be able to "touch" the assets/profit of the company?

had a phone call from a debt collecting agency asking for £1000 i dont have cant get

whats next do i go to prison will they take a negitive equity house why cant we come to some other agreement

I have my own money before married. My husband had a debt during our marriage would i lose m

I had my own money before married. My husband had a debt during our marriage would i lose my money? Can debt collector take my money?

Ex-boyfriend owes money, can the bailiffs take my stuff?

Ok... My ex and I still currently live together, along with 5 others in a shared house. Technically we still rent the same room together. Today he received a letter from bailiffs demanding £968.60 for a Penalty Charge Notice (parking fines from where he used to work I think).

ive got a debt of £22000 over ten years old, am i still responsible

Red debt collection

My friend has received a letter entitled pre bankruptcy petition. There is no date within which he has to act, no court stamp and no mention of putting aside so I am assuming it is not a statutory demand. It merely states their intention to pass to their bankruptcy division to consider whether to appy to court for bankruptcy. It arrived by post.

can they take the kids money?

my partner has moved in with me and has a laarge amount of debt i wanna know if they can take from the child benefit and tax credits as my kids who are just 3 and 4 are suffering because we are so skint we dont work and are not having any joy finding work im fed up as my kids are suffering its got me to a point where i have been classed by a docter as depressed and i dont go out do anything have a

"Philips" (debt collectors) are refusing a payment plan. (TV License debt)


Being charged by to separate debt collector

I had a credit card with MBNA, unfortunately I had a stroke and was unable to pay the normal charges I wrote to MBNA explaining this and offering to pay what I could.