Can the bailiff take things that are not mine?

I don't own all the things in my flat. The TV is my sisters, the microwave my mums. Can the bailiffs take them?

Can I stop a Bailiff getting into my house?

I have had letters telling me bailiff are going to come around to my home. Can I stop them taking my things? What if I don't open the door?

Baliffs - Person they're after doesn't live here!

We keep getting baliffs knocking on our door about a guy who used to rent this house. We have told them over and over again he doesn't live here but they don't care, and now we have had a etter saying they are coming tonight to take our things. We're not going to let them in, but i'm sure they won't go away, so what can we do?

Can Bailiffs take stuff from my house for court fines for my nephew..

My nephews post comes to my address we have recently had bailiffs knock the door about a court fine he owes. He doesnt have a permanently residing address hence his post coming to ours. He's not on the electoral or tenancy as he doesn't live here.

what happens if i ignore ccj against me

i have a ccj against me after making no effort to pay the claiment after a court order was made the bailiffs have been round but i have refused entry and also ignored court letters i want to know what will happen if i keep ignoring any letters

Can bailiffs take my stuff if the debts are from my son because he lives with me?

My son has always lived with me (he is now 40 years old) and he has a lot of debts (bank over draft and credit cards). He lost his job and is trying to start his own business now but finds it hard to mak payments on his credit cards. If bailiffs come will they also take my things and have they got the right to even look at my rooms in the house?

can a bailiff involve police in trying to aquire my vehicle?

can the baliffs bring police to help force entry?

my mother seems to be in quite a bit of debt, and we keep recieving letters from baliffs saying they are going to take further action to remove our goods from our property. can they bring police force with them to help gain access and remove things, also some of the things i have are borrowed from my friends and are not mine so can they still cant them?

can the bailiffs take stuff thats not owned by the person with the debt?

Can a bailiff take things that belong to my children ie laptops x-box's etc?

hi, just recieved a high court writ against me for the sum of £1853.66

this is from a debt dating back to 06 from my former business partner; through a trading account i parted from said partner in april 04 and have my solicitors letters to prove this.I had no letters from courts etc prior to this writ arriving via marstons enforcement offices.Any advice would be much appreciated. DAVE

my son has just moved back in with me after racking up debts, can they take my possesions?

its my home, I own it and everything in it, my other sons live here with there own possessions, the son who moved back moved back with nothing but the clothes on his back so, can bailifs after outstanding council tax take anything out of my home??

I trusted a friend to inform dvla when i sold him my car, He didnt,

I now have baliffs knocking for 5 outstanding parking tickets and a congestion charge bill. I informed dvla but date is past issue dates of tickets. The baliff says it is down to me to pay. I am on benefits with no option of paying. Why should i pay for whats not mine HELP

My son has run up various debts, giving my home address. Can bailiffs seize my belongings?

My son is 22. He was in the army for about 3 years, returned home just before Christmas, lived with us for about 6 months before moving 50 miles away with a new job. Since he left we have had visits from the bailiffs telling us that the address given by him is ours & that therefore they can take goods from the property.

can a bailiff take my car if it is on finance

can debt collectors take things from my mums property?

I got a contract out with vodafone, i was paying it fine until they said they hadnt recieved a payment for one of the months when i know they did. and i have proof which i sent to vodafone but not been in touch with me, my fone got cut off and also said i used 330 pounds worth of calls while it was cut off..

Can balliefs turn up at my workplace ?

I have moved out of my rented house and stay with friends. Have balliefs chasing me for unpaid debt. I have no possesions just a car on hp. Just trying to by some time so I can afford the bankruptcy fees

Can baliffs take possessions from my mums house

I recently took out 5 mobile phone contracts at once from 4 different companies because I was homeless and needed the money when I took out the contracts I used my mothers address I won't be able to pay off my debts and as I don't live there anymore I was wondering whether baliffs could come to my moms house and take her possessions they have sent letters but as I don't live there anymore is ther

can a bailiff take my goods if the debt is not mine

a letter came through the door tonight so i opened it it was a baliff note saying they were changing my locks this coming monday for £465.