TalkaboutDebt is a place where people can share and talk about their debt problems. 

It's the brainchild of Sarah, a proud mum, who has experienced people close to her go through debt problems and as a result has a steely determination to help others to overcome their own personal debt issues.

Some say that persistence is her middle name and she certainly has an uncanny ability to get things done!

What you can be sure of is that TalkaboutDebt will never directly offer debt advice or solutions.

Instead, the aim of the site is simply to help those experiencing debt problems by presenting a balanced view of the free debt solutions on offer. If they then choose to, people can talk about their debt problems with an experienced, professional debt advisor who can offer free and balanced advice on which solution is the best for that individual situation.

TalkaboutDebt prefers that you talk to a trusted debt advisor, not someone who simply wants to sell a solution that makes them money through a commission for selling a particular product.

That's why we only recommend charity debt advisers as we believe that they will have your best interests at heart, their services are genuinley free with no hidden charges and they can be trusted to come up with the best solution for you, not the one that makes them the most money.

Our Site Is Free

Our site is free to use and will remain so as long as we continue to get support from leading debt advice charities which support our aims of both reducing the amount of people in debt in the UK and educating young people so that we can help them to avoid debt problems in the future.

As well as Questions and Answers, we have a free 'Ask the expert' section which provides the answers to your personal debt problems provided by qualified insolvency practitioners who can be trusted.

No Bias

TalkaboutDebt is independent and a place where people can share and talk about their debt problems. We aim to provide a straightforward explanation of the debt solutions on offer in the UK and a way out of debt without hidden charges if you choose to take it. 


We receive funding from charities who support our wider aims to reduce personal debt in this country. Charities pay for advertising on our site so that they can raise awareness of the services they provide. We then re-invest this money to improve our website and help more people to find their way out of debt.

Contact us

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